Chez Neithan

No money and no time: a cool newsletter workflow

Doing a newsletter isn't hard. Just go to MailChimp, create an account, pick a design and you're set. What is hard is finding a workflow that isn't time consuming for a passion project. I lost way too much time on updating/formatting websites in the past and wanted this one to be clean and fast.

Here's the workflow I created:

And that's it.

Today sending an issue took less than 30 minutes and that's because I'm still a bit paranoid and triple checks everything. Once I'm used to it, I should be able to do it in 15 minutes. This workflow requires a bit of work ahead but is really nice once everything is in place.

You can check the FG Weekly repo and also Gabriel's. Special thanks to Jerom Dreux for his amazing plugin and reactivity.